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June 18th 2013, marks the Company’s 60th birthday and the Centenary of the birth of our Founder, Michael Irwin Dickson.

He would find it hard to believe that the first shop he opened back in 1953 at “The Nook” in South Shields continues to thrive and serve so many local customers.

From those simple beginnings where everything happened in the “Bakehouse and Back Shop” we’ve come a long way.

Early growth took us to a Town Centre shop in Fowler Street and further openings to a small factory in Rekendyke Industrial Estate.

We eventually settled into a purpose built facility at Middlefields in 1992 from where we currently prepare around 50 tonnes of delicious product to old, family recipes every week.

We operate 22 sites in our retail estate and have a growing wholesale business supplying many of the big Retailers and the Food Service sector.

Over 60 years we’ve not only sold millions of pies, miles of sausages, and tons of cooked meats, but enough pease pudding to float a battleship and sufficient saveloys to girdle the earth.

With a staff approaching 220, many lasting friendships have been formed but we’ve also seen the early beginnings of many relationships and marriages across the business.

Times haven’t always been easy and perhaps never more so than at present, but this local, family business continues to flourish thanks to the support of our customers and the dedication of our long serving staff.

We hope customers in the North East communities we serve will continue to enjoy our tasty products during our Diamond Jubilee Year and well beyond.

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