Whitley Bay Students Get that Festive ‘Filling’ with Christmas Sandwich Competition

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27 October 2015

Last week we visited Marden Bridge Middle School in Whitley Bay to help students fill their food technology classes with that little bit more cheer.


Over 100 students from Marden Bridge’s Year 8 class took part in a festive-themed competition to develop the most delicious sandwich they could. The brief had only one main rule – it must be a sandwich with a distinctly festive theme to give it a real Christmassy-edge.

The aim of the project was to open up the world of food production to young people by offering support and insight into how a real commercial food product is created, while also coming up with a delicious new sandwich to give us that festive ‘filling’ ahead of the run up to Christmas.


The students did exceptionally well coming up with different creative varieties of sandwiches, all keen to have their design crowned winner – and see their creation sold in our Whitley bay store throughout the month of December.

Emma Brown, Head of Food Technology at Marden Bridge Middle School said: “This project has been a great way to introduce our students to the world of food manufacturing in a fun and engaging way. From the design and marketing of a popular food product, to the nutritional balance and ingredients needed to create a sandwich with real appeal for Dicksons customers, both staff and students have enjoyed the chance to develop – and taste – an array of colourful sandwiches.”

Working in pairs, the sandwiches were whittled down from over 50 entrants to just eight standout finalists. The judging panel – which included our very own Laura Denning and GrahamLandells – then had the task of selection an overall winner.

After much deliberation, the Rap Up Warm Festwich was crowned victorious. Created by students Rachael Stephenson and Amy Bell, the mix of coronation chicken, pork and turkey won over the judges and rightfully earns its place in our Whitley Bay shop throughout December.

Emma continues: “We have thoroughly enjoyed working with Dicksons to deliver such a fun and engaging project for our students. We always try to bring practical learning into our curriculum to balance theoretical work and in this case, students have really enjoyed creating something which will be sold in a real shop.”

Meanwhile, Dicksons Managing Director, Michael Dickson, said: “As a family business, we are always looking at ways to engage with our local community and have previously run a series of successful education projects with local schools to bring the commercial world of food manufacturing to the food technology classroom.

“Tastes and flavours are always changing and nowhere is the mix of ingredients quite as creative and interesting as they are amongst young people – it certainly makes for an interesting tasting session!

“We were so pleased with the enthusiasm of students at Marden Bridge and were able to see for ourselves the level of research and detail that went into creating the final sandwiches. Amy and Rachael were very worthy winners and I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all students for their hard work. We look forward to seeing the Rap Up Warm Festwich take pride of place at our Whitley Bay shop to delight Dicksons customers with the inspiring flavour combinations from the young people of Marden Bridge Middle School.”