Top tips for your making your BBQ epic

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03 July 2015

The summer may have been a bit hit and miss but that’s no reason not to dust off the grill heat up the coals and enjoy a bit of al fresco dining.

To celebrate the launch of our new BBQ foods – including marinated chicken breasts, delicious burgers and 1lb sausage swirls – we’ve rounded up some of our top tips for making your next BBQ memorable for all the right reasons.

  • Get the right tools – got all the gear but no idea? Then you’re half way there! Having the right tools is essential for cooking food to perfection. Investing in high quality products such as a grill thermometer, tongs, spatulas and carving forks will help to avoid mishaps and (dare we say it) illness.
  • Light the barbeque before the guests arrive – a simple tip, but it will help to avoid pressure and stress when they do show up. If you’re feeling extra organised you might even want to throw a few bits on the grill so the tantalising smell of cooked meats greets guests as they arrive.
  • Grill like a pro – though they make little difference to the taste of the food, achieving the professional ‘cross-hatch’ grill lines will earn you some extra barbeque points and can be easily done. Simply sear your food on the highest heat positioning it at a right angle to the grill bars, remove and lightly wipe with an oiled cloth, then turn the food and repeat. Once this is done on both sides, turn lengthwise to the grill-bars and repeat.
  • Don’t forget to season – often the chef will become so consumed with getting the barbequed goods cooked right that they forget about adding that little extra flavour. Season with salt just before barbecuing and opt for a fine sea salt as this won’t simply fall through the grill.
  • The possibilities are endlessalthough guests will most definitely be expecting traditional outdoor cuisine such as burgers and sausages, there’s no need to stop there. Get some side dishes on the go such as peppers and courgettes. And for dessert, you could even grill fruit such as bananas, pineapple and mango.
  • Stay safegiven the risks involved with using barbecue equipment it’s important to bear some safety tips in mind. Be sure to keep cooked and uncooked meats and poultry separate, as well as separating the veg. Keep children away from the barbeque and make sure it is always monitored.
  • Create the right ambiancenow you’ve successfully heated things up everything else will fall into place. Combine good company, good music and great food and you’ve got the recipe for a perfect summer BBQ.