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How to make the perfect Saveloy Dip:
1 fresh Dicksons bread bun
1 Dicksons Saveloy
1 dollop of Dicksons stuffing
1 dollop of Dicksons pease pudding
Your favourite gravy
English mustard

Warm the saveloy in a pan of boiling hot water until heated through. Warm the pease pudding and stuffing until heated through. Slice your bread bun in half, dip the lid in your favourite gravy. Spread the dollop of pease pudding then stuffing evenly on the lid of your dipped bun.

Cut your saveloy in half lengthways and place on the base of your bread bun, leaving the skin on or off, it’s up to you! Smother in as much or as little English mustard as you like then put your stuffing and pease pudding dipped lid on top.

Demolish and enjoy!

Pastries Baked fresh daily in store!

Our own recipe range includes:

Mince pie

Steak pie

Sausage roll

Choose from:
Quiche Lorraine
Cheese and onion


Choose from:
Corned beef

Family plate pies

Corned beef pasty

Choose from:
Corned beef
Mini sausage roll

Puff pastry bites

Pork Pies


We stock a variety of deli products including:

Own recipe pease pudding, stuffing, coleslaw and cheese savoury along with a selection of sandwich fillings.

A selection of premium cooked meats and of course our Legendary Saveloys

Fresh white bread buns made at our factory.

Choose from:

Steak and Dumplings

Mince and Dumplings

Ready in 4 minutes!

Microwavable ready meals





Premium cooked meats

Legendary Saveloys

Made and baked at our factory in South Shields

Classic white baps

Classic Pease Pudding

Traditional Cheese Savoury

Traditional Coleslaw Salad

Salad Pots

Own recipe black pudding

Fresh Meats

Choose from our selection of own recipe sausages including thick pork, breakfast sausage, pork and leek, Cumberland style swirl or chilli swirl.

Mix & Match our raw meat packs including mince, rump steak, pork, bacon and our sausages – Any 2 for £5.50.

Loose meats in selected stores


Chilli swirl

Pork and leek

Handlinked thin pork sausage

Sausage selection

Lean Back Bacon


Look out for seasonal products in our shops throughout the year from limited edition BBQ meats to Christmas stuffing

Seasonal Christmas hot turkey sandwich

Seasonal Christmas pigs in blankets

Seasonal ham and pea soup kit

Seasonal handmade pork pies

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