Dicksons give Newcastle pupils top tips on sausage making

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24 March 2015

A group of pupils From Hadrian School in Newcastle have been getting to grips with how to make the finest sausage with a tour of our factory in South Shields. The pupils were invited to Dicksons HQ as part of a school project uncovering where our food comes from.

Our marketing director, Elena Dickson, escorted the eight pupils and four members of staff around the different areas of the factory, taking the time to visit the sausage room, butchery area and the busy bakery. Elena said:

“We always extend a warm welcome to any local schools interested in learning more about food production in our modern and busy facility. A factory tour such as this helps school children witness first hand the processes involved in turning fresh meat into the delicious selection of products enjoyed by our customers on a daily basis.

“In this case, Hadrian School were interested in learning more about where food actually comes from so we were able to take our visitors through each stage of the process. From watching sausages being hand-linked in our sausage room to seeing tasty Dicksons pies coming straight off the pie line, we gave the team of pupils a detailed introduction into how our food is made.

“Of course we couldn’t let our visitors leave without getting a taste of some of our finest products too – everyone tucked into sausage rolls and cheesy bites as a special treat after such a busy morning!”

Children from Hadrian School were shown how sausages are made at our factory



The opportunity to explore Dicksons HQ had the children rubbing their hands together 

school visit


The students were shown how the bread we sell at our shops is made in the bakery section of the factory


Marketing Directory, Elena Dickson emphasised the importance of food hygiene in the manufacturing process



If you would like to arrange a factory tour for your school, email us at enquiries@midickson.com